As a writer myself, I know the value of articulate, persuasive and engaging prose. The words you choose can have an enormous effect on the impact of your message.

With a PhD in English Literature from Cambridge, I have taught writing at universities in the UK, US and Germany for more than a decade. I am also a published author myself and have experience with commercial, literary and scholarly texts. Recent projects have included helping a university professor polish a paper on Venezuelan politics for publication in a scholarly journal; editing plot synopses, storyboards and producer's notes for a German film director's forthcoming movie; and assisting an academic applying for a major grant. When editing a client’s text, I not only ensure that it is grammatically flawless and immaculately presented, but will also hone the writing to make it read as fluently as possible. As an editor, I will work to craft your writing to make it appeal to your specific readership.

Whether you need to sharpen up the text of a website; to compose a successful job or grant application letter or personal statement; to prepare a script for an important presentation or talk; to polish an academic article or to craft a book for publication, I can help. A well-written text will enable your ideas to stand out. I can ensure your writing shines.