German to English

I’ve done translations for a number of German companies, mostly small to medium light industrial companies, with a special focus on green technologies. The documents have ranged from annual general reports and other business reports, product descriptions, instruction manuals, grant applications, major business contracts and proposals for mergers to novels, short stories and scholarly articles. My recent work has included a document detailing employee working conditions and safety measures and guidelines at a company which manufactures firehoses for use in German fire departments; a detailed brochure outlining the services offered by a firm providing intranet for large companies, and a proposal for a specific intranet client; and an agreement drawn up between six smaller European banks as part of merger proceedings.

I am also a literary translator. My most recent commissions were the trilogy Colors of Love by bestselling author Kathryn Taylor and a novel by Norman Stark, both of which I translated for Bastei Lübbe. I've also just completed the translation of a screenplay for UFA Fiktion.