“I felt very comfortable hiring Iona to proofread my academic manuscript. Her own background in academic writing, together with the fact that she speaks multiple languages, helped her to polish my prose and detect ‘false friends’ in my English. I have recommended her to my colleagues.” (Dr Miguel Kanai, Lecturer in Geography, University of Sheffield)

“Iona is an eloquent writer and an elegant translator. She also has keen aesthetic instincts that make her an excellent editor. She is a consummate professional.” (Derrick Del Pilar, writer and translator)

“Dr Italia collaborated with us at very short notice, on an urgent project which involved the translation of several lengthy documents on the topic of information architecture, from German to English. Dr Italia acquired the necessary technical vocabulary very rapidly, on her own initiative. She supplied us with reliable, consistent and technically accurate translations, with which we were extremely satisfied. We came to know and value her as a competent, engaged, reliable and calm collaborator. She will always be our first choice for any future projects.” (Michael Griffin, information architect)

“Iona has consistently proven to be a conscientious and effective translator whose command of languages has made her an invaluable asset to our team.” (Michael Ragland, professional translator and UX designer)

"I cannot recommend Iona highly enough. She brings to the table an intimate knowledge of a range of languages, generally supported by lengthy experience of living in the countries in which they are spoken. Her attention to detail is impressive, and she has a fluent and elegant written style which makes her blogs a pleasure to read." (Dr David Hornsby, Senior Lecturer in French and Linguistics, University of Kent)

"Iona is a writer with flair and precision, and a skilled editor, eminently qualified for fine translation." (Emeritus Professor Isobel Grundy, University of Alberta)