Tango Tales (forthcoming)


Tango Tales of Buenos Aires and Beyond is a collection of personal stories, descriptions and short fictions, providing detailed insights into the fascinating world of Argentine tango. The stories are vivid and the writing is often poetic: the book is designed to give readers a sense of how it feels to dedicate your life to this dance. There are descriptions of the intense microcosm which is Buenos Aires tango society and sketches of the eccentric characters which populate it, together with depictions of the rituals of the traditional milongas (tango social dances), the frustrations and satisfactions of learning and teaching, and the exhilaration of performing.

The book began as an internationally famous blog called Tango Addiction which I initially wrote under the unwieldy sobriquet 'Terpsichoral Tangoaddict' and later under my real name. The blog attracted thousands of readers from tango communities all over the globe from Iceland and India. Tango has become increasingly popular worldwide and, clearly, tango dancers will form part of the book’s readership. However, the work is not intended only for tango aficionados. Its universal themes and literary language will appeal to anyone curious about the culture or lifestyle associated with this dance.

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